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Centro Homologado por el SERVEF (Consellería d' Economía, Hisenda i Ocupació)                                                                                    25.06.2017

AREStudent E-international


Dear student,

AREStudent e-international is the dept that guides the foreign student in through the complicated process of the VISA in order to STUDY IN VALENCIA (España).

Through this free consultant´s office tou will be able receive wichever information tou wish to able to carry out your project.

Year after year, worldwide student's families trust the management of AREStudent e-international as it guarantees the best residences and the best adecative centers in a well-Known city by their beautly, its culture and its tourism. These are very appreciated characteristics by the thousands of students who arrive IN VELENCIA.

If your obejective is to STUDY IN SPAIN, you like the city of VALENCIA and you have economic meants to stay and your studies, more of 50% is done.

Contact E-international department filing in this form and ask about any subject that appears below and you will see that STUDING in SPAIN, is isn't so difficult with our aid.

University degrees, technical profesional studies, how to enter the university, test for foreign students, admission at university, where you can prepare, what oficial studies you can attend in Spain after passing admision test, bureaucratic requeriments to accede to them, homologation of studies, how to obtain an official title in Spain, how to obtain the student visa, how to obtain an Authoritation of Stay in Spain, accommodaqtion and reserve service, Adaptation Program in Spain, Spanish for foreigners, DELE exam preparatory courses.

Coordinator of
AREStudent e-international.

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The Express Serice reduces 50% the time of delay in process of transacton..
The service costs150 euros.

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requisitos legales
AREStudent e-international makes available of the students the express service. This customized technical service allows to shorted the time of delay, the transaction process, lasting normally 3-5 mounths depending on each country, will be reduced to a period of 1 or 2 months.
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