Nadia Nakai on her relationship with AKA: 'God placed us together when we really needed each other' | Life (2024)

Nadia Nakai on her relationship with AKA: 'God placed us together when we really needed each other' | Life (1)

Nadia Nakai & AKA during the SA Fashion Week opening party at Mall of Africa on April 26, 2022 in Midrand, South Africa. The annual fashion show has become one of the country's highly-anticipated events on the entertainment calendar, with local designers and celebrities joining forces to pull out all the stops on the red carpet.

Photo: Oupa Bopape

  • Nadia Nakai says there will "definitely" be a song collaboration between her and her boyfriend AKA.
  • She opened up about this and more in an interview with Sol Phenduka and Sammy T.
  • The Naaa Meaan hitmaker also opened up about her relationship with AKA and leaving Cassper Nyovest's Family Tree.

Award-winning rapper and media personality Nadia Nakai has said a song with her rapper boyfriend, AKA is on the cards.

Nakai revealed during Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka's Kaya 959 breakfast show, with Sammy T standing in for Ranaka. In the interview, Phenduka asked if their supporters would get a "joint project or music of some sort".

"I don't know about a joint project, but definitely a song," she told the radio hosts. "I mean, we've been working together on songs."

The rappers started secretly dating in 2021 and made their relationship public by attending red-carpet events, sharing loved-up posts on Instagram and getting his and hers tattoos. AKA was previously in a relationship with Anele Tembe, who died after she allegedly fell from the 10th floor of a hotel in Cape Town.

Family Tree

In the interview, Bragga, as Nadia Naki is also referred to, said she and AKA did not get into a relationship to spite Cassper Nyovest. Bragga was previously signed to Cassper Nyovest's Family Tree record label.

"There's no spite," she said. "I could never want to spite Cassper."

"He gave me such a big opportunity in my career to do that to him. I'd never do that to get Cassper back. I still have major respect for him. I appreciate so much that he's done in my career. It wasn't about that."

Nadia Nakai on her relationship with AKA: 'God placed us together when we really needed each other' | Life (2)

Cassper Nyovest & Nadia Nakai at the 2019 South African Hip Hop awards in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 20, 2019.

She added it was "crazy" because "for the longest time," she didn't interact with AKA until toward the end of her being signed to Family Tree.

"It was just like it just happened the way that it happened, and I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like something that God did; God placed us together when we really needed each other at that time. And it's just beautiful. And I don't think I need to keep explaining the Cassper element of it because it's not like Cassper was my ex-boyfriend. No, I was signed to his label, and I left, and we moved."

Tears for Riky Rick

During the interview, Sammy T asked her about whether she cried often and when she cried last.

"I don't cry easily," she told the radio host. "I think something in me is stone-cold hard now."

"But the last time I cried was when I heard Riky passed away, and I haven't cried since, and I don't think I cried a lot before that either. I think I actually had like a little bit of a tear when we did the documentary film because they're doing an E! True Hollywood Story for him, so we filmed that about a couple of weeks ago, and I cried again."

Young, Famous and African

Speaking about her experience of Netflix's Young, Famous and African, the hitmaker said it exposed her and her cast mates to "a lot of places, a lot of countries."

"I think the type of exposure that Netflix will give you is unmatched. It's just such a global platform," she said in the interview. "And the fact that we were number one in multiple countries like Jamaica while Top Boy (a British crime drama series) was out was really amazing. It shows how many Africans around the world really just want more content from Africa, which is exciting."

On a more personal level, the rapper said it was "amazing" that her supporters got to know her better.

"It showed people my personality. I don't think people knew who I was," she said. "So people got to know me a little more, which is exciting and also just having fans from all over the world."


Nadia Nakai added that the reality show was returning for its second season "soon".

"We're done on season two, so it's coming out very soon," she said.

In August, the show's executive producer Adelaide Joshua Hill said season two, featuring new faces, will be "hotter, sexier and better than you can imagine".


Nadia Nakai on her relationship with AKA: 'God placed us together when we really needed each other' | Life (2024)
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