25 finger food recipes for babies (2024)

Then, at around 8 to 10 months, he’ll develop a pincer grip, and be able to pick up food between thumb and forefinger, meaning he can eat more independently.

If your baby is currently on pureed or mashed food, you’ll probably want to introduce finger food gradually, perhaps at snack time or alongside his main meal.

Try things like mini rice cakes, chopped banana or berries, steamed veg, or squares of toast. As he becomes more dexterous, you can gradually move over to offering finger foods at most meals, so that by his first birthday, he’s adept at feeding himself.

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Remember to supervise your child at all times when he’s eating, in case of choking.

The best finger foods for babies from 7 to 9 months old...

1. Steamed vegetables with cucumber dip

A tasty mix of vegetables on this plate means your baby can explore healthy textures and flavours all at once.

2. Baby sandwiches with chopped salad

Cute-looking no-cook sandwiches you can have as an easy summer dish.

3. Baked sweet potato chunks (suitable from 8 months)

Looking for something to dip that's healthier than regular potato fries? These are it.

4. Mini pancakes with summer berry yoghurt (suitable from 8 months)

Cute mini pancakes you can serve with fruit and yoghurt = perfect snack.

5. Banana with eggy bread soldiers (suitable from 8 months)

Bread soldiers will never go out of our fashion: give them an eggy twist and we love them even more.

6. Cheesy sweetcorn fritters (suitable from 8 months)

Hopefully you've got all the ingredients handy for these tasty lunchtime fritters.

7. Homemade haddock fish fingers (suitable from 8 months)

Fish fingers are a comfort food classic, and these tasty haddock numbers are just perfect served with salad or veg.

8. Roasted veggie kebabs (suitable from 9 months)

If you're doing a BBQ, put these simple skewers together for the children and they'll be seriously happy.

9. Salmon fishcakes with steamed broccoli (suitable from 9 months)

Delicious fishcakes with ingredients you'll hopefully have already: just serve with a side of crunchy veg.

10. Potato, carrot and courgette rosti (suitable from 9 months)

Crispy trio rostis packed with flavour and goodness: once you get the hang of them they're easy to make, too.

11. Cheese straws (suitable from 9 months)

Classic party snacks - though they'll do for any occasion - and are great to take on picnics, too.

12. Oven-roasted veggie sticks (suitable from 9 months)

Why not give a nice, chargrilled twist to the regular veggies with these oven-roasted ones?

Finger food recipes for 10-12 month old babies...

13. Sweet potato pancakes (suitable from 10 months)

These versatile pancakes with a twist make a nice side to have with veg or fruit.

14. Spanish omelette (tortilla) (suitable from 10 months)

This Spanish omelette gives a taste of the sun and holidays....flavoursome and simple to make, too.

15. Homemade breadsticks and hummus (suitable from 10 months)

Breadsticks are great for snacking on between meals or as a side with dips - here's how to make your own, along with hummus.

16. Mini cheese and tomato quiches (suitable from 10 months)

More mini morsels that make a good party snack but are great for any occasion, for kids and adults.

17. Baby dhal with pitta (suitable from 10 months)

Dahl's really tasty and almost a bit like a lumpy (in a good way) dip for pitta.

18. Potato, spinach and cheddar frittata (suitable from 10 months)

The spinach makes these fritattas healthy, the potato makes them filling - in other words, good for all the family.

19. Homemade chicken dippers and tomato sauce (suitable from 11 months)

Now what child doesn't love chicken dippers? And if they're homemade (PLUS dip!) so much the better.

20. Carrot and courgette muffins (suitable from 11 months)

Yes, muffins can be savoury too! And healthy - who'd have thought?

21. Vegetarian sausages (suitable from 11 months)

If you're looking for a meat-free meal, these cheesy leek sausages could be a great option (our recipe makes 8 of them).

22. Homemade chicken nuggets (suitable from 11 months)

The great thing about homemade treats like these nuggets is you know EXACTLY what is (and isn't) going into them...

23. Oatcakes with vegetable dip (suitable from 11 months)

As long as you have a blender (a simple handheld one will do) you can make loads of tasty dips for biscuits and crisps - we love this one which includes tomatoes, pepper and butternut squash.

24. Fruit medley with cottage cheese (suitable from 11 months)

A fresh and tasty dish with lots of different flavours and a creamy dip - great for a morning or afternoon snack break.

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25 finger food recipes for babies (2024)
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