Your Guide to the School Morning Announcement (2024)

The morning announcement at school doesn’t have to be the ‘same old same old’ routine. It doesn’t have to be something that students and staff endure before throwing themselves into the day’s work. It can be a few minutes of infotainment, something peppy and interesting that actually helps you start the day with more enthusiasm. Let’s look at how schools around America are leveraging morning announcements to inspire a greater sense of community.

The usual format of morning announcements

A common announcement is the pledge of allegiance, which is relayed by intercom – the old fashioned way – to homerooms or individual classrooms. Usually, this task falls on the principal, but more and more, student council representatives have taken over. This is a good strategy given that students are more receptive to messages that come directly from their peers. A typical morning announcement may look like this:

  • ‘Good morning Vikings [replace with appropriate name]!’, the obligatory salutation
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Thought for the day
  • A special message : congratulations on a team victory or an important announcement

Interesting additions to the morning announcement

Motivational start to the day

Some schools deviate from this standard format to include the weather report and lunch menu. The thought for the day is sometimes replaced by a motivational quote/affirmation, many a time from famous books. It could be anything from ‘Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.’, from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now to ‘There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circ*mstances of your life can change!’ from Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and ‘If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world’ from J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Word of the day

Or it could take the form of ‘The Math Word for the Day’, where students get a quick definition of a Math vocabulary word such as ‘reasonable’, ‘outcome’, ‘population’ or something a little more basic, such as ‘convert’, ‘dividend’ or ‘bilateral’.

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The theme of the day

A few schools have taken a creative approach to morning announcements by providing a new theme for the day. Here, students have the option to direct their energy towards a positive activity. For instance ‘Positive Attitude Monday’, ‘Help a Friend Tuesday’ and ‘Solve a Puzzle Thursday’. Principals, teachers and/or student council representatives may refer to multiple sources to draw up a roster of words, quotes or positive messages for each day of the week, and actively encourage students to follow through.

(And please avoid making these five mistakes in your morning announcement!)

Guest of the day

Another is a special ‘guest of the day’, someone from school or even the community who has a useful, relevant message to deliver to students. That person could be the :

  • school nurse who offers health tips
  • art teacher with some handy pointers
  • librarian who recommends 2-3 classics or non-fiction gems
  • sheriff who reminds students about their rights and responsibilities
  • staff member from a local college campus speaking against disability harassment and discriminatory behavior.

Riddle of the day

Some school announcements may incorporate an element of participation by presenting a Math question or riddle for students to solve. The student from each classroom to solve it first and race to the office receives a pencil or other stationery.

Student appreciation

Morning announcements are also used to draw attention to exceptional work by students, whether it is an essay, artwork or poem. Teachers are entrusted with displaying one student work each day on a central bulletin board. That student’s name is read out during the announcement. It serves as a good motivator to work hard or demonstrate a special talent. This concept can also encourage healthy competition among students.

A twist to the daily bulletin with live broadcasting

Imagine that you’re not only listening to students through the intercom but also watching them deliver the morning announcement live – like the morning news on television – only with news relevant and of interest to everyone in school. Morning announcements have moved to live telecast video at many savvy schools.

It makes sense – students are most comfortable consuming content on digital devices. Children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend an average of 44.5 hours per week in front of screens. There is a real opportunity to gain their attention and sustain their interest in morning announcements at school by delivering messages in a live broadcast format. Announcements can be broadcast to classroom televisions, computers or mobile devices.

Live broadcasting the morning school announcement offers the following benefits :

  • the ability to transform the way announcements are consumed
  • the ability to do more – show and act out instead of just speak – for a better emotional connect and clearer understanding of the message
  • giving students the opportunity to experience video production
  • involving interested/willing students in the art and science of video production, helping them become more confident communicators
  • subtly motivating students and staff to create quality content for purposes of live broadcast – when you’re a face disseminating a message instead of an obscure voice, you have to up your game!

Live broadcasting the morning announcement or on-demand viewing at a later time

Anything that can be broadcast live can also be recorded and saved for viewing later. It offers students and staff the flexibility to choose when they want to interact with the messages. For instance, during exam season when nervousness is running high, students may prefer not to be distracted by the morning announcement and spend every precious minute before the test on revising, breathing exercises, or psyching up to beat anxiety.

Needless to say, live broadcasting offers several opportunities to take announcements to the next level. Features such as built-in titles and overlays allow the presentation of visual content – whether captions or objects – enhancing the overall viewer experience. Built-in green screens make the proceedings appear professional – not unlike an actual news studio – with cutaways to the ‘sports’ or ‘weather’ announcers just as you would see on TV.

Live broadcasting can make students more enthusiastic about school in general, and give them yet another reason to engage with academics and your institution with a positive attitude.

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Your Guide to the School Morning Announcement (1)

Oliver Breidenbach

As a seasoned educational technology specialist with a background in school communication strategies, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of innovative approaches to morning announcements. My expertise lies in leveraging technology and creative content to enhance the overall school experience and foster a sense of community. Let's delve into the key concepts discussed in the article and explore how schools across America are revitalizing their morning announcements:

Traditional Morning Announcements:

1. Pledge of Allegiance:

  • Commonly relayed through the intercom, often by the principal or student council representatives for increased peer receptivity.

2. Standard Format:

  • Greetings, Pledge of Allegiance, Thought for the Day, and Special Messages.

Innovative Additions to Morning Announcements:

3. Motivational Start:

  • Some schools deviate by incorporating motivational quotes or affirmations to inspire students.

4. Word of the Day:

  • Introducing a 'Math Word for the Day' or other vocabulary words to enhance learning.

5. Theme of the Day:

  • Creative approach with themed days like 'Positive Attitude Monday' or 'Help a Friend Tuesday.'

6. Guest of the Day:

  • Featuring a special guest from within the school or community with relevant messages, such as a school nurse, art teacher, librarian, or local law enforcement.

7. Riddle of the Day:

  • Incorporating interactive elements like math questions or riddles for student participation.

8. Student Appreciation:

  • Recognizing exceptional student work during morning announcements to motivate and instill healthy competition.

Evolution to Live Broadcasting:

9. Live Telecast:

  • Transitioning from traditional intercom broadcasts to live video broadcasts for a more engaging and contemporary approach.

10. Benefits of Live Broadcasting:

  • Transformation of how announcements are consumed.
  • Visual content presentation for a better emotional connect.
  • Opportunities for students to experience video production.
  • Motivation for students and staff to create high-quality content.

11. Flexibility and On-Demand Viewing:

  • Allowing flexibility for students and staff to choose when to interact with announcements, recording for later viewing.

12. Enhancements through Technology:

  • Features like built-in titles, overlays, and green screens to enhance the overall viewer experience and make broadcasts appear professional.


In conclusion, the shift towards innovative morning announcements reflects a broader trend in leveraging technology to enhance school communication and community engagement. Live broadcasting offers a dynamic platform, making announcements more appealing to students and fostering a positive attitude towards academics and school life. As schools continue to explore creative formats, the morning announcement becomes a powerful tool for building a vibrant and connected school community.

Your Guide to the School Morning Announcement (2024)


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Morning announcements hold a crucial place in school routines, serving as a platform to share important information, foster school spirit, and engage students and staff.

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What morning announcement means? ›

At its most basic, morning announcements are a way of dispensing updates on ongoing activities, details of the upcoming ones, new regulations and other critical information to the staff and students.

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What is a morning message in morning meeting? ›

The morning message lets students know what is happening each day. It provides them much needed structure and routine and gives them a heads up about changes in schedule or new things happening. The message can also give them some insight into what they will learn that day.

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