Portal Indianamedicaid (2024)

1. Provider Enrollment - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

  • Initiate a new provider enrollment application (includes optional Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) enrollment). Resume Enrollment.

  • HCP Provider Portal

2. HCP Admin Portal > Home - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

  • What can you do in the Administrative Portal? Through this secure and easy to use internet portal, administrators can. Manage user accounts, including their ...

  • HCP Admin Portal

3. IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal - Indiana Medicaid - IN.gov

4. Indiana Medicaid: Home - IN.gov

  • Welcome to Indiana Medicaid. Welcome to Indiana Medicaid. On this site, you can learn about the different Medicaid programs and how to apply.

5. Registration Selector - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

6. HP Healthcare Portal > Home - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

  • Indiana Production - Healthcare Administration Portal. Administration Portal · Indiana Production - Healthcare Provider Portal. Provider Portal ...

  • HP Healthcare Portal

7. Contact Us - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

  • Use this directory to contact us by phone or mail. General questions or comments may be submitted online by clicking the Secure Correspondence link at the ...

  • HCP Provider Portal

8. Login to Your Account | Indiana Medicaid Members

  • Oct 3, 2023 · Access your health information online, 24/7. The MHS secure member portal has helpful tools to help manage your health.

  • Login to your Indiana Medicaid member account to print a member ID card, view all dependents under one account, get yearly reminders, and more. Login at MHS Indiana.

9. Enrollment Status - Indiana Medicaid Provider Portal

  • Enter your assigned Tracking number and Federal Tax Indentification Number (TIN or EIN) that you used for your enrollment to verify the current status of ...

  • HCP Provider Portal

Portal Indianamedicaid (2024)
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